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The American Paulownia Association, Inc., was organized and developed through the joint efforts of the University of Tennessee and the University of Kentucky Extension Services, and interested individuals willing to contribute.  The Association was formed in November, 1991.

The association is dedicated to the advancement of Paulownia as a forest/agricultural crop in the United States.  Click on the About link to the left to learn more about the association's mission.

If you are interested in Paulownia trees, Paulownia Products, or Paulownia Services, please visit our Links to various member growers, partners and sponsors.

Finally, if you are dedicated, as we are, to the improvement and advancement of Paulownia, consider joining the American Paulownia Association.

Hands-on Paulownia Workshop in Parrotsville, Tennessee
September 14-15, 2018

July 2016 Newsletter
vol. 24, no. 2

"Paulownia is Native to North America"
September 2006
vol. 15, no. 2

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